July 11, 2007
Washing cars (& trucks) over the summer to raise money for the student activities fund.  Thanks to all who participated.
Denali Borough School District and Cantwell School, with proactive student and community involvement, provides a nurturing, diverse, quality education that empowers students, promotes lifelong learning, and produces globally conscious locally involved citizens. Cantwell School is an Expeditionary Learning/Outward Bound standards-based school. Our teachers are trained to plan for your student's education thematically. This means that when your children are working in their social studies, science, or history classes they are probably focused on a topic, question, or theme that they will explore in-depth, which will result in a final product or project where they have the opportunity to show a high level of craftsmanship. Other typical outcomes of these learning expeditions are opportunities for community service, use of technology, and for student work in the field. Learning expeditions are based on the relevant DBSD content standards for the subject areas explored.

Check out our new weather station. It sits on the roof of our school. You can see all kinds of data collected by our station.
Click here
to see the data.

Weather for Cantwell, AK