December 17, 2007
Welcome from Dr. Kim Langton, Denali Borough School District superintendent:

Denali Borough School District is building on our solid foundation of quality instruction, strong parental support and high academic performance. We are a state leader in many ways, and desire to improve our service to students in ways that will increase our leadership role.

Last year:

*We revised standards in the core subjects to ensure (1) that they include all the skills and concepts we expect students to have mastered before graduation, and (2) that standards are written and grouped into levels in a way that facilitates progress toward graduation.

*We completely reworked our transcripts and the formula we use to translate progress in standards to progress in Carnegie Credits so that colleges, universities and other school districts will understand the progress made by each of our students. While we believe our system is superior to the traditional system of Carnegie Credits, which gives credit for courses with a D grade, equivalent to giving students credit for the time spent in a seat, we must ensure that academic records are understood as our students move to different schools or attend institutions of higher learning.

*We moved to a new electronic Student Information System (SIS), E-ducate, which is built from the ground up for a standards-based system. With e-ducate, we will be better able to track student progress: we will know which students in any given group have not passed their High School Graduation Exam, which have not passed off their requirements for graduation in any subject area, how fast each student has progressed in Math vs. Science, etc. etc.

*We have moved away from using Tiers in non-core courses. Once standards are complete for all courses, including electives, we will be a fully standards-based district.

*We are improving our PEAK correspondence program so that students both inside and outside our borough boundaries are receiving the best education possible. This year we have two Highly Qualified teachers working in Anchorage to increase contact with and support for our students outside Denali.

The good work begun over the past years, including partnerships with Usibelli Coal Mine, Denali National Park, Clear Air Force Station, and Kids-in-Motion, all continue to improve our offerings to kids. We are very proud of what we do! Call or email us to get a better vision of all the wonder going on in classes at DBSD!


Dr. Kim Langton